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Homeowners Base is a premium platform finding savings, home ownership resources, and community connections for our members. Our mission is to provide resources and access to information on home improvement planning, budgeting, and renovations utilizing the collection of partners and knowledge we’ve amassed.

Because of our large and diverse member base, we’re able to provide the best sources for benefits and rewards for our customers, delivering savings on home ownership necessities and access to preferred platforms. We use the power of our members to provide you savings and information!


The first step to any home is buying it. Homeowners Base can help you make sure you're getting a good deal on your next home. Our blog page has tips and tricks for getting the best price on any home.


Moving into your new home can be a daunting task. With Homeowners Base, however, your transition can be effortless. Head to our blog or sign up for HomeAlert messages to learn how to move without a hitch.


So you've been in your beautiful home for a while now, but your're not loving that dated kitchen anymore. Let us help you plan how you can remodel it to be your perfect space, made just for your family.

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I recently moved in with my wife to a new home, and our neighbor recommended we sign up for Homeowners Base. I have to say that the HomeAlert thing they asked me to sign up for is invaluable! I wouldn't be able to keep track of half the things I do with this house without HomeAlert.

Johnathan Hilton

I made the decision to join HomeAlert after my house flooded and we didn't know what to do or who to turn to. They guided us through the process of restoring our home and making sure we used our insurance to the best of our ability. They're lifesavers!

Carl Miller

19 November 2019 admin

Basic Facts About HOA
Voting and Elections

Being a part of an HOA is very common nowadays, but do you know that many never get involved? Knowing how you can affect your HOA and help make important decisions that can change the way you live is integral to being a good homeowner.
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