What’s It Like To Live In A Château? 

Living in a home that was built hundreds of years ago for royalty and aristocrats might sound like being the king or queen of your own castle, or château in this case. One television series “Escape to the Château” explores a rare community where people ditch normal life to live out their fantasy to call a château home.   

The TV series is now available with all seven seasons of “Escape to the Château” stars partners Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree living in their 19th-century château while they visit other château owners for a grand tour of different châteaux. Living in a château is like living in a fairytale that comes with a lot of maintenance and renovations that are costly.   

Living in a home that is hundreds of years old can be costly to buy and restore which you quickly learn watching the show. “Escape to the Château” starts off with beautiful scenic tours that will take your breath away, especially when they get down to costs for restoration projects for standard maintenance.   

If you think you have some pricey home improvement repairs, this show will change your perspective on expensive renovations. Living in a château might seem like living in the lap of luxury but the cost of maintenance alone is a reality check of why everyone isn’t living in a château. “Escape to the Château” also demonstrates living day to day life of people living and maintaining these massive historical properties.   

Some château owners simply live on the property while others use the property as a source of income. Many château owners will operate a business using their château as a venue, restaurant, or shop. The show also explores the unique backgrounds of the château owners and their reason for opting out of a conventional home for a château.    

The show is mainly about the château structure, but the décor element can be inspiring to turn your home into a not-so-humble abode. The home décor is often inspired by older décor styles to match the home and plays on décor inspired by royalty. This is one of the most interesting home TV series with all seven seasons available to stream on Peacock.  

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