Utilizing Wall Space For Organization 

Make the most of your space by utilizing your walls for organization stations that don’t take up a lot of space with a couple of options that are best suited for your space. You can use this as inspiration for your next DIY projects and learn about a couple of styles for wall organization.  

If you’d like an adjustable wall organization system, you might want to consider using a pegboard organizing system. The pegboards are lightweight and durable to hold everything you need that is also adjustable to best suit your needs.   

Pegboards can be used for your office, personal crafting area, kid’s crafting or playroom, and a shelving display. There is the traditional pegboard that you can customize using some paint to match your wall or color story. Another option is a more minimalist, modern pegboard made from wood with a neutral color that is complementary to many colors and home décor themes.   

One simple organization wall feature is hanging decorative clipboards that can be used for organization or keepsakes. You can have one clipboard featuring your work calendar and another featuring fun photos for decoration. You can use this in your office to organize documents, mail, and other important work documents. To hang the clipboards, you can use small Command hooks that are easy to apply and remove without damaging your walls.   

One of the classic versatile wall organizers is a simple corkboard that you can customize using paint or applying your favorite fabrics of choice. You can use this to either organize documents in your office or can be used to store your accessories that are easy to reach.   

You can take small gift bags and pin them to the board then store your accessories such as hair accessories or sunglasses in one place. You can also buy tacks with hooks to hand your jewelry such as necklaces and earrings.   

Having an organizing unit by the front door will help you keep track of everything that you can drop off at the door using wooden boxes and some hooks. This is an easy DIY project that only requires wooden boxes, a piece of scrap wood (for wooden backing), hooks, screws, and a screwdriver.   

When finding wooden boxes, try to get some that can fit mail envelopes and a bigger one to fit folders. At the home improvement store, you can get a premeasured piece of wood (or buy a scrap piece and cut your own at home), heavy-duty hanging hooks, and screws. Line up the larger wooden box on the wood backing with the upper right corner, check for level, and screw it into place.   

Line up the smaller boxes with the top being level with the top of the bigger box and line up the second smaller box even to the bottom of the bigger box, check with level, then screw boxes into wooden backing. On the bottom portion measure to evenly separate hanging hooks, check for level, mark for screw placement, and screw into the wooden backing. Mount by your front door to use for keeping bags, coats, keys, mail, and more. 

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