Create An Inviting Outdoor Space

Hosting guests for a get-together can sometimes be confining indoors in a confined space but some changes to your backyard or porch can create an inviting outdoor environment. There are a couple of simple things you can add to your outdoor space to transform it into an inviting area for everyone to enjoy. 

The first thing to consider in setting up your outdoor entertainment space is addressing pesky pests that is important because if you invest in creating this space, pests can easily leave guests wanting to retreat indoors. You can consider getting a screened-in porch that will keep the bugs and animals out while your guests are comfortable. 

During the colder months, there might be fewer pests but can be more active in the warmer seasons. You can use citronella candles, tiki torches, or fly traps to keep the pests away from guests. Another way to keep pests away is having a patio fan that will deter pests and you can also use modern mosquito traps that utilize UV light to attract bugs with a fan that pulls them in, the best part is these are simple and look like a simple essential oil diffuser. 

Once you’ve pest-proofed your area you can focus more on décor that will invite guests to enjoy your outdoor area. Start with some outdoor furniture that you can match with your home décor theme or make its own individual area that pops from the rest of your home. 

The best outdoor furniture that is weather-resistant to last a long time is choosing from materials such as treated wood, simulated wood, wood wicker, rattan, or simulated wicker. Outdoor furniture made of these materials is weatherproof, but you can also consider getting some covers when you’re not entertaining that will help keep everything clean. 

Another recommendation is trying to find some covering if your outdoor space isn’t covered using umbrellas or a gazebo. This will also help to protect your outdoor furnishings from further weather damage that will also keep your guests cool and you can still enjoy the outdoors if the weather isn’t too good. 

Simple accents can make your outdoor area more inviting such as pillows and blankets that will give your guests the feel of a living room with a sense of comfort. If you have a garden, you can incorporate colors to match the plants or flowers in your garden to compliment your outdoor settings. 

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