An Inside Look At House Beautiful Next Wave Designers 

Interior designing might be a passion for many, but not everybody gets to experience their passion in the form of a career. Some people only keep it limited to their personal surroundings while others go on to achieve miraculous feats doing what they love, but for others. 

House Beautiful searches far and wide to find the best young designers in the country that have a mix of career orientation and personal passion fulfillment going on for them. Those are the ones truly worthy of a feature on Next Wave.  

The Designers To Keep On A Lookout

As we have already completed one half of this year and stride speedily but steadily into the next half, the trends of the interior designing world are changing. So if you have been on the lookout for the next wave of designers, now is your chance. These are the top five House Beautiful Next Wave designers to keep on your radar.

Sean Leffers, Los Angeles

One guy to nail it all, Sean Leffers, is not just an interior designer. After all, when you have been reading magazines since the age of 10, you are bound to become something of a challenge yourself. He is single-handedly responsible for bringing accents back and is not ashamed of it – neither are we. 

Marie Flanigan, Houston

Where the big picture matters Marie Flanigan is not your next-door interior designer, she is power within herself. A student only a few years back, now she looks at celebrity houses and rejects them based on the premise of not having enough creative freedom. It is safe to say it is her game, and she plays by her own rules. 

Noz Nozawa, San Franisco

A dedication to prosperous sustainability while designing her spaces that don’t need to be “strictly beautiful” – Now will add depth and dimension along with creating a personality for your space. So if you want some of your quirks to shine through your home interiors, Noz is your gal. And you won’t have to worry about standing out from the crowd. 

French & French Santa Fe, New Mexico

For a moment there, it felt like we were seeing doubles or hallucinating, given the stark resemblance of this Santa Fe couple to Hollywood favorite couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Now you can understand why people would gravitate towards working with them – because when the outlook is so scrumptious, the interiors are bound to be too. 

Clary Bosbyshell, Atlanta

Antiques, retro, vintage – all that and more defines Clary and her style of interior decoration. You can be assured that given her will, your home would become a walk-in art gallery for your guests and may even be worth more than the property itself. Her love for antiquity gives her an edge over other contemporary designers; truth be told, that is what people sign her up for.  

Final Notes

Now that you are aware of the best new lot of interior designers in the country, you may better understand the shift in trends and what more to keep an eye out for in terms of home interiors and decoration. 

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