Affordable Hallway Lighting Ideas For Modern Homes

Hallway lighting is one of the most important elements in any home. A dim hallway creates a gloomy mood and makes your guests uncomfortable. You must find the best hallway lighting to brighten your space without breaking the bank. Our list includes modern pendant lights, hanging globes, and more. 

Square Cube Hanging Lamp

The square cube hanging lamp is a good choice if you are looking for a modern hallway lighting idea. It comes in two sizes: small and medium.  

Square 1-Light Pendant

This modern pendant light is a great way to add brightness to your hallway. It’s the perfect size for a small space and gives off enough light to see what’s in front of you, but not so much that it feels like daylight. 

This fixture would look great hung above an entryway table or on either side of a mirror in a bathroom or closet. It comes with four feet, so you can easily mount it on the ceiling and plug it into an outlet (no wiring required).  

Black Pendant Light With Clear Glass Shade

This pendant light features a black steel frame and a clear glass shade that allows light to shine through. This is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to make sure they can see what’s in the hallway at night but doesn’t want their hallway to be too bright. 

Menlo Small Glass Globe Pendant

This modern glass globe pendant could be the perfect option for your entryway or hallway if you’re looking for a small pendant light. Its sleek design adds a touch of elegance to any area and can be easily combined with other fixtures from the Menlo series to create a cohesive look.  

Industrial Caged Geometric Pendant

The industrial caged geometric pendant is made of steel and can be used as a chandelier or pendant. The unique design and shape make it stand out from other lights in the same price range.  

It has an industrial feel with geometric details throughout the light fixture. The cage provides a sense of security to this light while adding unexpected depth to something simple and clean looking. 

Rockford 6-Light Pendant

This pendant light style is a bit more industrial than the others on this list. It’s made of steel and has six lights, each with a glass shade. The Rockford 6-light pendant is available in two colors: brushed nickel or matte black finish. 

The Rockford pendant fits well into any modern space and can be used as an overhead light source or as task lighting for reading or working at a table. This lamp works great when paired with other projects from the same manufacturer, like matching sconces or wall lamps—or you could consider switching out the bulbs for LED bulbs if you’re looking to save energy costs. 

Four-Sided Glass Pendant

This four-sided glass pendant light is a unique fixture, with a shape that’s more reminiscent of an inverted UFO than your typical ceiling light. The three lights inside provide ample illumination for hallways or smaller rooms and can be arranged however you like. It also comes in various finishes, including brass, gold, and nickel. 

The cord is an excellent feature since it allows you to position the fixture wherever you want without worrying about finding an outlet nearby or installing new wiring for longer cords. This option is the way to go if you’re looking for something truly unique. 

Petite Clear Pendant

Our petite clear pendant is a classic 3-light fixture that will provide ample illumination to your hallway. This piece features clear glass with a modern wrought iron finish accented by decorative cutouts created by hand by artisans in New England. The fixture also has an included canopy which allows it to be hardwired into your ceiling and comes with all the necessary hardware for an easy installation that’s UL listed. 

Industrial Hanging Pendant Light

A hanging pendant light is a versatile piece of home decor that can be used in various rooms. It’s great for hallways, kitchens, and living rooms. You can use it as a reading light or a focal point in the room to create drama. You can also use it in your bedroom with an industrial-inspired theme. 

Hanging pendant lights come in all shapes and sizes, so you have many options when choosing one for your home. A hanging pendant light with metal tubing is perfect for giving off that industrial look, whereas one with wood paneling would look more traditional (but still modern). 

Classic Cord Pendant

A classic cord pendant is an excellent option if you have a low ceiling or if you want to add some character to your home. This design has been around for decades, and it’s easy to see why: the minimalist pendant lamp design is elegant in its simplicity. 

This is one of the best options if you’re looking for something that will last you through several different decorating styles. It works well in both rustic and modern spaces alike. 

Cayden Globe Pendant

The Cayden globe pendant is a stylish, modern light fixture perfect for use in hallways or near your front door. The glass globe is available in various colors (you can see them all at the bottom of the Amazon page).  

Avenue Pendant Light

The Avenue pendant light is a modern pendant light with a chrome finish. It can be used in hallways or dining rooms, among other spaces. The Avenue pendant light comes with an adjustable ceiling plate up and down and side sides, so it’s easy to put where you want it. This fixture also features an adjustable chain length and cord length that allows you to customize the height of this fixture to fit your space exactly.  

Final Thoughts

There you have it! We’ve covered some versatile hallway lighting ideas that are on trend and won’t break the bank. Whether your style is modern, rustic, or something in between, there’s sure to be something here for everyone. 

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