14 Rules For Designing And Styling Your Bedroom 

Styling your bedroom is fun. But things can get a little out of hand, especially when you aren’t following a proper plan or vision of how you want your room to look or feel. And suddenly, all you end up with is clutter while your room remains in the same old fashion you had begun with.  

Fortunately, you won’t have to come across such a situation if you follow these 14 simple bedrooms designing and styling rules that we’ll cover today. These rules aren’t set in stone but can help you navigate the process of upgrading your room.  

Bed Styling 

Bed Styling Add Patterns To Solids 
Opt for patterned pillowcases and rugs if you use solid colors for bedsheets. Vice versa, if your bedspread is visually busy, go for plain, sophisticated pillows or blankets. Mixing up patterns with the solids creates an aesthetic balance. Too many prints and patterns may give a cluttered look, whereas going all solids would simply dull the look of your bed.  

Mix And Match The Pattern Size 
When opting for different patterns and textures, mix and match the sizes of the prints. If one piece features an oversized floral print, contrast it with a delicate printed piece. This way, dimension, and perspective are added to the overall look.  

Mix Up the Pillow Sizes 
Mixing and matching aren’t only for patterns and textures; play with the sizes of pillows too. Doing so will, again, add an aesthetic interest along with some dimension to the look. If you have two massive center pillows, try placing small cushions around them to create a cozy look.  


Get Symmetrical Objects 
Researchers have proved that people often seek symmetry to be visually interested in something. The lighting can also have a symmetrical design that would attract the onlookers. 

Mix Up the Lightings 
The mix and match rule also apply to lighting. A statement lighting piece that goes floor to ceiling with a small lampshade placed on the adjacent nightstand would create a movement for the eye. Mixing the heights would give the eyes time and space to focus on one thing and the other.  


Get A Simplistic Pattern  
You don’t want your nightstand object’s pattern to be loud. Opting for a loud pattern would create a visual imbalance, and instead of the bed you had spent hours on styling, the attention will go to the nightstand. Having such a conflict would make your room look too busy. 

Mix Up The Shapes 
You can also try mixing and matching different shapes of the objects lying on your nightstand. A spherical lamp would look perfect next to a rectangular photo frame creating a visual appeal. 

Mix Up The Heights 
This step may sound odd but try imagining objects of the same height lined up next to each other. Doesn’t it look like a stack of objects lying horizontally? To add depth to the look of your nightstand, mix the heights of the objects. A tall lamp can work perfectly beside a small plant pot. 

Mix Up The Size 
Sounding similar to heights, the size of your nightstand accessories must also vary. Doing so would again create visual tension and give the eyes some movement. Remember, don’t go overboard and start cluttering. Let there be some negative space so that there’s some rest for the eyes.  


Vary The Art Pieces 
Whether you’re going for a statement piece in the center or corresponding pieces next to each other, playing around with their placement could work wonders. While most people think of horizontal placement, vertical placement adds dimension too.  

Mix Up The Scale 
Try going for different frame sizes to create some visual interest. You might want statement art to be the largest one of all. 

Use Different Media 
Please don’t go too overboard with it but mixing some muted watercolor with delicate sketches could be a great way to create visual appeal.  

Mix Up The Frames  
Have you ever considered playing around with the width of the frames? Not every artwork requires bold framing. Trying mixing it up to create aesthetic flow. 

Stick To The Color Palette  
While mixing and matching with art pieces can be fun, don’t defer from the color palette. If your art pieces mostly depict sunsets, a day at the beach painting might not sit too well amongst them.  

To Sum It Up  

Styling your bedroom can be fun if you follow these 14 styling rules. Always add dimension for aesthetic pleasure by mixing and matching the objects. Remember, trial and error will get you your perfect room in time. Be patient and enjoy the process. 

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